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New for CPV-15: Panel Discussion on Trending CPV Applications

On Wednesday, March 27, 11:00 – 12:00, CPV-15 will host a panel discussion on Trending CPV Applications.

Moderator: Ignacio Antón (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)



  • Kenji Araki (Toyota Technological Institute)
  • Andreas W. Bett (Fraunhofer ISE)
  • Frank Dimroth (Fraunhofer ISE)
  • Ignacio Luque Heredia (BSQ Solar)
  • Michihiko Takase (Panasonic Corporation)
  • María Martínez (ISFOC)

The panel discussion will be inaugurated by the invited talk “Pushing Energy Yield with Concentrating Photovoltaics”, followed by the presentation “Why and How Does Car-Roof PV Create 50 GW/Year of New Installations? Also, Why is a Static CPV Suitable to this Application?”

Participants are asked to contribute: These inspiring talks should give the frame for the panel as well as for public discussion on the trends of CPV. The participants are highly asked to contribute in the discussion, both making questions and participating with their views on the microphone or through an online tool Slido. To participate via Slido, simply open a browser on any laptop, tablet or smartphone, and go to

Objectives of the panel: identifying the main challenges and opportunities for CPV in the near future, for instance by showing the way to new applications and markets where CPV can add a strong value, like high-efficiency or space-constrained applications.



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