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Dr. Tian Gu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Integrated Micro-scale Concentrating Photovoltaics: a Path Towards High-performance, Low-cost Solar Power"

Dr. Tian Gu is a Research Scientist at Materials Research Laboratory and Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. His primary research interests involve integrated photonics, nano-optics and photonic materials, focusing on the areas of photovoltaics, metasurface optics, on-chip spectroscopic sensing, data communications, flexible photonics, and 2D materials integrated photonics. He is a recipient of the R&D 100 Award and the TechConnect National Innovation Award.

Scheduled: Tuesday, March 26, 10:30


Dr. Frank Dimroth
Fraunhofer ISE

"Pushing Energy Yield with Concentrating Photovoltaics"

Dr. Frank Dimroth is heading the department "III-V Photovoltaics and Concentrator Technology" at Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg, Germany. The department developed multi-junction solar cells and concentrator modules with highest efficiencies over the last 25 years. Frank Dimroth was co-founder of Concentrix Solar in 2005, later SOITEC Solar, a spin-off from the department which commercialized the FLATCON concentrator module technology. He was further responsible for the development of a 4-junction concentrator solar cell with 46.1% conversion efficiency which is currently the world record for any photovoltaic device. Other research topics include space photovoltaics, III-V on Silicon, hybrid CPV modules, solar hydrogen generation and power by light technology.

Scheduled: Wednesday, March 27, 10:30


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